The 10 stages of Twitter adoption

For anyone who wants to search Twitter in this blog, you can look back, look waaaaay back to my early reactions of bafflement and mild hostility to curiosity, acceptance and pretty much full-out Twitterholism.

And I think the stages I went through are similar to those many people experience as they attempt to grapple with, understand and appreciate the medium.

Here’s an encapsulation of my journey:
1. What the *#!*&@ is this? I don’t see the point.
2. This is just plain silly and a complete waste of time.
3. I don’t understand why some people I know and really respect are on it.
4. OK, I’ll admit, I’m a little scared to try it.
5. I signed up but only to see what it’s like, in case clients ask. (But I still think it’s dumb.)
6. I just tweeted (and said the word tweet). Nothing memorable or anything, but at least I tried it.
7. You know, I’ve found some really smart people to follow and one of them posted a really cool link.
8. Someone sent me an @ message/re-tweeted me/sent a DM.
9. I think I may have found my Twitter voice.
10. I am on this way to much – but it’s am following some amazing people.

Anything to add?


Introducing the Twittionary

Is your head swimming from the seemingly endless stream of Twitter puns, apps, widgets, programs and…you name it?

Mine is.

So much so that last week, I half-jokingly suggested we need a Twittionary.

Well, the more I thought about it the more I felt this might be a useful tool; presented as a Wiki (Twiki?) so it could be kept up to date. I figured it could be a good weekend project (to take my mind off shoveling snow).

I did a search and found the term had been coined last fall by Shannon Yelland in her comprehensive post. I contacted Shannon and asked if I could use her material as a starting point and she graciously consented.

And so… I’d like to introduce Twittionary – an unofficial glossary of all things Twitter.

Bear in mind this is a ‘twork-in-progress’ and needs your help to keep it current.

If you get a chance, feel free to browse, look things up, add/edit/correct, join the community and pass along info about the site to keep our collective twocabulary growing and fresh.

(BTW, you’ll notice that unlike traditional dictionaries, there’s an overabundance of entries under ‘T’.)

I’d be interested to hear what you think.