The blog before Christmas

Twas the blog before Christmas when all through the ‘sphere
Many creatures had posted the ‘worst and best of’ the year.

The rants were all TrackBacked, Delicious to share
in hopes that St. Googleus soon would be there.

When out in the geek-world a new app appeared
With a jolly old Scoble telling all who will hear…

Now Facebook! now YouTube! now MySpace and Flickr!
On Blogger! on WordPress! on Jaiku and Twitter!

And me with my search engine going full tilt
Just couldn’t keep up and was feeling some guilt.

So I checked Technorati to find out a ranking
And subscribed to a fresh feed (or is it just wanking?)

And added some new folks to network on Linkedin
And posted a comment (I wanted to join in).

I blogged out my own thoughts and tagged them so clever
And checked Analytics to see if they’d ever

Been read or been clicked on or even just pageviewed
And sometimes I’d find out a post had been linked to.

But it’s tough to keep up in this virtual way
So I’ll say Merry Christmas and will call it a day.

With apologies to Clement Moore.


Blogger’s guilt

Yes, I’ve been feeling it all month, as day after day breezed by and I didn’t post a single entry (till now).

So I figured it’s time to come clean and say that I’m happily shedding that guilt (which, by the way, is a pretty self-serving emotion in the first place).

December has become my unplanned blog vacation. Maybe it’s the start of a tradition (check back with me next year).

The truth is I’ve been having too much fun enjoying the oft-hectic festivities of the season, spending time with family, friends and colleagues, decking the malls…

Last week, my wife and I had dinner with old friends who have been living in Toronto since they graduated from university some 30-odd years ago. They’re packing it in (work, house, everything) to head back home, renovate a rustic barn and start to live a real ‘second life’.

They said it’s been a dream of theirs for quite a while and now they’re making it happen. I say, we should all be so fortunate.

So that’s what I want to wish you, this Christmas*, a peaceful world where we can all can live out our dreams**.

*It really bugs me that political correctness makes us replace Christmas with the blandly generic ‘Happy Holiday’. Religious or not, Christmas is its name. I may be Jewish but I still dream of a White Christmas… Besides it’s part of our cultural fabric and a day celebrated by the majority of Canadians. We wouldn’t drop the Canada from Canada Day, Victoria from Victoria Day or Jerry Lewis from Labour Day, would we? I say, Merry Christmas to all…

**Hopefully, those dreams don’t include blowing people to smithereens for the comment above (or any dissenting point of view).