In praise of APR

First of all, I have a disclosure. I am an APR (accredited in public relation) and also the CPRS (Toronto) accreditation committee chair.

And, as December 3 is the deadline for applications to the Canadian APR process, I thought I’d write a few words on why I feel accreditation is more important than ever before.

I believe the designation demonstrates an understanding of and adherence to ethics, transparency and professionalism which, in an era of traditional and social media, are more important to our industry than ever before. Accreditation helps us gain a greater depth of knowledge about our profession’s history, luminaries and groundbreakers, theories of communications and best practices.

Yes, it requires time and energy (it takes about a year from start to finish) and includes a comprehensive work sample, a commitment to self-study and rigorous written and oral exams.

Now you certainly don’t need your APR or ABC to be an ethical PR practitioner. Far from it. But it’s something I urge all senior practitioners to consider.

Has it helped me? Yes, after surrendering to being a student again and accepting the process, earning my APR both opened my mind and provided me with additional insights that helped improve my practice.

I mean, isn’t social media an ideal platform for two-way symmetrical communications (James Grunig)?

So if you’re interested in more information, please visit: CPRS national and CPRS (Toronto) or send me a note.