Musings on meshmarketing

Last week, I attended meshmarketing – a one-day gathering in Toronto highlighting social media case studies and best practices.

The event took place at CiRCA, a Toronto nightclub. And I have to say, I wasn’t ready for the stanchions, bouncer attitude and red carpet at 8 in the morning. In fact, it felt like I was entering a super-cool boutique hotel – dark and with plenty of attitude. I got the impression that many of the staff had not been on the job at that time of day in a long, long time.

However, my eyes (and attitude) adjusted before the sessions. Here are my Twitter-notes highlights:

Keynote Gaping Void/Hugh MacLeod:

– Human beings socialize around objects; we talk about them; share knowledge.
– Web 1.0 = search. Web 2.0 = share.
– Products don’t go viral just b/c you throw a lot of money behind them.

Facebook’s Elmer Sotto:

– Facebook thinks people want to interact with brands in much the same way as they connect with friends.
– Think about FB user experience, profile, compelling profile visual (doesn’t have to be logo) & thumbnail image.
– On FB brands should pace their posts, establish an ‘editorial’ calendar and [not] overdo it.

Measurement guru Katie Delahaye Paine:

– Measuring eyeballs shifting to measuring engagement; numbers go down but quality of dialogue goes up.
– People measure; computers count. You need people to analyse the results.
– Improve reputation by changing conversation: listen first then respond, and stop doing stupid things.

With one exception, the sessions offered useful tips and practical approach – the same high calibre as Mesh but in a change-of-intensity setting. And I liked that the level of information was aimed at people with a working knowledge of social media and not at the beginner level.

I also had a chance to record a couple of 4Qs for a future Inside PR podcasts.

If you were there, do you have any other nuggets to add?