Introducing the Twittionary

Is your head swimming from the seemingly endless stream of Twitter puns, apps, widgets, programs and…you name it?

Mine is.

So much so that last week, I half-jokingly suggested we need a Twittionary.

Well, the more I thought about it the more I felt this might be a useful tool; presented as a Wiki (Twiki?) so it could be kept up to date. I figured it could be a good weekend project (to take my mind off shoveling snow).

I did a search and found the term had been coined last fall by Shannon Yelland in her comprehensive post. I contacted Shannon and asked if I could use her material as a starting point and she graciously consented.

And so… I’d like to introduce Twittionary – an unofficial glossary of all things Twitter.

Bear in mind this is a ‘twork-in-progress’ and needs your help to keep it current.

If you get a chance, feel free to browse, look things up, add/edit/correct, join the community and pass along info about the site to keep our collective twocabulary growing and fresh.

(BTW, you’ll notice that unlike traditional dictionaries, there’s an overabundance of entries under ‘T’.)

I’d be interested to hear what you think.


5 thoughts on “Introducing the Twittionary

  1. Thanks for the link! As a relative newbie to the Twitter world (I’ve only been tweeting for two months) I frequently find myself bewildered by the streams of unintelligible shortform messages appearing in my Tweetdeck.This Twittionary should prove very useful!

  2. I coined the word “twangst” over the weekend while talking with my friends about all the angst twitter has been causing me lately. Good to know it hasn’t been invented yet.

  3. Thanks to both of you for your comments. Candice, I guess you just invented the word. I hope you add ‘twangst’ to the list.

  4. Martin,I have to say, Twittionary is a fantastic idea! I have to say my favourite definition would have to be ‘tweetaholism.’As a public relations postgrad student, I an trying to familiarize myself with the world of twitter, but I have to admit I do have trouble with it. Not only do I not quite know what to ‘tweet’ about, (I only learned the definition of ‘tweet’ today) I am constantly trying to decipher meanings of shortform messages.Having a twittionary to consult is very beneficial for those who are trying to immerse themselves with Twitter, and another great use of social media!Fantastic idea.

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