Back to school

Every fall, I (and a ton of other folks) get nostalgic about returning to school. Of course, I never did, though there were times when I seriously considered it.

But now I am heading back to the hallowed halls of academe – as a sessional instructor at McMaster University’s PR program. I’m teaching a class in Social Media for PR (you need to scroll down to see it).

As a first-time course, there’s a lot to think about and prepare. My goal is to present a strategic framework that shows how to integrate social media and PR. There’s going to be a significant hands-on component as students jump into the conversation and explore blogs, Twitter, podcasts, video other social networking tools.

I’m hoping to include some emerging trends and issues as they happen (hey, isn’t it all emerging?). I’m also planning to invite some guest lecturers, both live and online.

From time to time, I’ll be posting about what we’re doing in the class, asking for your thoughts/suggestions and hopefully introducing some new voices.

It’s starts on September 12 and runs through the fall (and – plug – there are still a couple of places left).

So after all these years, I get my wish. Now, I just have to figure out which coloured pencil set to buy…

4 thoughts on “Back to school

  1. Centennial College has offered an Online Public Relations course as part of its Corporate Communications & PR program for the past three semesters. It's proven to be an essential part of the curriculum. Only difficulty? Things are changing so rapidly it's difficult to know what content to leave in and what to leave out as the course evolves. All the best with your teaching, Martin. I know your students will really benefit from your insights, experience and caring attitude.

  2. Thanks for the kind words, Christine. I know Centennial's online PR course very well and have had a chance to meet the students; many of whom have developed their own online presence and built strong networks with the PR community. Also, I believe the successful 'Talk is Cheap' unconference started from this class. (I hope it continues this year!)I think you bring up a good point about having a curriculum that is in flux. That's going to be a challenge, but also one of the things I'm most looking forward to. Keeping it topical and conversational and changing, as social media does.

  3. The first Talk is Cheap was originated by Gary Schlee in 2007. Me and Barry Waite continued the tradition in 2008 (thanks also to agenerous sponsorship from Maggie Fox.)While Gary and I have both taken early retirement from Centennial College, TIC will continue with fall under Barry's leadership. Thanks for the mention.

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