See you in September…

I suppose I’m a bit late writing this, since it’s been about three weeks since my last post. But my alternating half-cation throughout August (away with a few meetings/back at work/away with a few meetings/back at work, etc.) has left me trying to catch my breath at the office and at home. It reminds me of my old friend, comic Lou Dinos’, routine about a greasy spoon: I’m not sure if I should ‘stay or go…’

And, while I have a number of half-started posts and, of course, a case of blogger’s guilt – so much to say, so little time to rewrite – I’m heading out again tomorrow and I won’t be back to the blog for at least another week.

That said, it’s been fun experimenting with cut-up holidays. I feel both refreshed and exhausted (but almost completely in the loop). I’ll probably keep it up but with more consecutive time away next year.

So, as they used to say in the teen movies, see you in September (sealed with a tweet)…


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