The PR list

I was recently honoured to be part of Valeria Maltoni’s list of 100 PR people to follow on Twitter. I can only imagine how much research it took her to assemble and review each person, read their blogs and put in all the links.

It features some really smart PR folks and original thinkers (many of whom I’ve been following for a while). Talk about being in good company…

And, if you go here, Neville Hobson’s assembled the group so you can easily select the ones you want to check out.

Thanks to all the new folks who found me. I’m trying to catch up, but it will take me a little time. In the meantime here are a couple of things you may want to know:

  • I look at every follower’s profile, read a bunch of tweets and often click on your website to get a sense of who you are and your personality
  • I’m particularly interested in people who work in PR/communications/social media, but I’m also open; again it’s all about personality
  • I try to follow back if we have a couple of conversations
  • I never auto-DM

Looking forward to ‘meeting’ and engaging with you.

And a special thank you to Valeria for including me!


2 thoughts on “The PR list

  1. Haven't been to Toronto city, yet. But it's on my list of cities to visit. And I have a few great folks to visit face to face when I get there. Karen who blogs here (she's a communicator) and Tony Hung, former Editor of The Blog Herald and long time blogger at Deep Jive Interests. Good folks both. Good of you to write this welcome note.

  2. Thanks Valeria. Hope you make it to Toronto one of these days. I'll check out the bloggers you mentioned. Thanks again for the inclusion. It's turned my twitter-experience a bit upside down…

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