A few words from the new CPRS Toronto president

As many of you know, I recently became president of CPRS Toronto. This was not the result of any astute political campaigning or soon-to-be-broken promises, but part of the regular succession process (I was first VP).

I’m excited to be taking the reins of the organization – one that I believe in – at a time when I think we’re at a crossroads in profession (both economically and in its practice). I feel there’s a strong opportunity for CPRS Toronto to really become a leader in combining social media with traditional PR, something I talk about in my first prez’s message.

But it’s not up to me alone and I look forward to hearing from members with their thoughts and ideas about how to achieve this.

I also wanted to let you know that from time to time, I will be highlighting CPRS Toronto events and programs (not that I haven’t in the past).

And I would like to thank past president Lawrence Stevenson for his vision, passion and commitment to the organization. Big shoes to fill, Lawrence (and I don’t mean that literally).


5 thoughts on “A few words from the new CPRS Toronto president

  1. As stated in your May 12 post about the misleading tweet “from” the mayor, social media is both influential and moving almost faster than light. Thorough research is essential, however, following the entirety of social media is impossible.Congratulations on your appointment. It is remarkable to see someone in your position understanding the importance and dangers of using social media in PR.As a current student of PR in the Humber Certificate program, I would have to agree that combining social media with traditional PR is an important concept. You should try targeting those entering the field of PR.I have been attending CPRS events since I began the program and have already gained a deeper understanding of how social media can be used. As an assumed ‘tech-savvy’ generation, we are eager to learn and influence.

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