Facebook listens

After the brouhaha that erupted over the change in Facebook’s terms of reference (TOS), founder Mark Zuckerberg has reverted to the old terms for the time being while the organization works to develop its new TOS.

And this time, they created a Bill of Rights and Responsibilities group, with five clear principles (including an apology for any misunderstanding). They are encouraging users to provide their ideas and feedback as they set out to develop a new version.

As a communications advisor, I’d say they did all the right things quickly and effectively to help restore people’s confidence and their credibility.

– Listened
– Accepted responsibility
– Reached out to their users
– Communicated their principles and commitment
– Apologized

And I applaud them for that.


One thought on “Facebook listens

  1. I was only half paying attention to this thing so I’m not sure what the turn around time was for his response.During Collin Douma’s session at podcamp Toronto, people criticized Motrin quite heavily for their delayed response to their(angry moms)ad scandal.I believe this is akin to that – offended target audience requiring a response from creators.In a digital sphere where we are addicted to instant gratification from our online content, what should be the turnaround time? OR is it too early, and any response within a few days should suffice?

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