Something newer

Earlier in the month, I wrote about a job seeker who sent me a snail mail resume and cover letter addressed: ‘Dear Sir/Madam’. Thanks again for all your thoughts.

Today, we received another note I wanted to flag (again for the wrong reasons).

It was addressed to the principals of three separate agencies, but all were listed in the ‘To’ line of one email.

Now, I’m sure a ‘multiple submission’ wasn’t her intention, but it reminded me of the Hollywood agent’s trick to spur a bidding war.

My business partner, Louise, sent her a polite and pleasant note thanking her for her interest and suggesting that, in future, she may want to reconsider the group application approach.


One thought on “Something newer

  1. Oh no! Let’s hope she meant to put the names in the BCC field instead, but even then that is stretching it. I can picture a curse word slipping from her lips just as she clicked the send button. I can’t say that I haven’t made a similar mistake. I once sent a request for an information interview to the PR agency my current company was using. I realized what I had done just after I sent it. Lesson learned!At the very least she received some good advice.

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