My blogging balance sheet – 2008

A year ago, after taking a financial management course (for non-financial managers), I decided to prepare a blogging balance sheet for 2007. And now, having completed the second year of my(PR)palette, I thought I’d revisit the concept and look back on the past 12 months. Please note, as in many balance sheets, some things change and some stay the same. It’s no different here.

Unaudited – not unedited (need new joke for 2009)

105 posts
82 tags
4103 visitors
26 member blogroll
17 Technorati authority rank
#1 rank of blog on Google (in a search of Martin Waxman)
Goodwill: sense of humour, voice, perspective, outlet for my writing and publishing, agency profile

Posting something dumb, unfunny or downright dull (too many times)
One-way, column style of writing (I think I’ve improved and I’m trying harder to encourage a conversation)
A bit negative (at first ) about certain new tools (e.g. Twitter)
Less personal hours to devote to reading books, watching movies


Blog voice
Posts I’m proud of
Regular contributor to Inside PR podcast
Posting on Twitter – @martinwaxman
Comments from people I don’t know
Being included in PR blog lists
Technorati rank
Inbound and outbound links
Google juice

Retained ideas:
Four unpublished blog posts in various stages of writing that will likely be published in the next month or two


My analysis?
It’s been another good year blog-wise. Contrary to the economy, everything (from posts to readers to comments) are up. Finally some positive news!

And the outlook for 2009?
Target: 2 posts per week (I like that pace)
Continue to stick to what I know and really like (PR, media, social/cultural observations, books)
Lessen personal reluctance to new tools; try them earlier, but remain critical until I see demonstrated results
From time to time include a link post (gift blog) with items of interest I’ve stumbled across
Read and participate in more blogs

So what’s the bottom line?
I’m still having a great time and I’ve met so many interesting people from all over the world (in person and virtually).

Thank you to everyone for listening to my ‘voice’ and tuning in. Ideas and your thoughts are always welcome.

Here’s to 2009!


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