I’m starting to really appreciate Twitter

I checked my BB, as I always do when I get up in the morning, and was surprised to discover that I didn’t have a single new email. When I got to work shortly thereafter and logged into my computer, I found the same thing.

Nothing new. I had that sinking feeling we’ve all experienced when you realize you’re in the middle of a tech ‘failure to communicate’.

We had recently made some changes to our server (and everything seemed to be going fine), but today we had a glitch that made inbound and outgoing emails come to an abrupt halt.

And while the situation is being repaired (though being in the middle of it, it sure feels endless), I do feel lost without the action of my email fix.

Fortunately, we still have Internet and I was able to Twitter the fact that ‘we’re experiencing technical difficulties – please stand by’ to all and sundry who may be trying to contact us. And I felt somewhat empowered by that.

The challenge is to get the people you’re trying to reach to tune in.

Of course, we do have another old school option: pick up the phone.


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