What I meme to say – five gems of social media

Not too long ago, I was tagged by Parker Mason to add my picks to Collin Douma’s five social media gems.

And rather than calling out specific cases, here are a few things that opened my eyes (and mind) as I enmeshed myself in the space:

1. Social media really is social (pen pals for the 21st century). I can’t tell you how many great people I’ve connected with virtually and then later met in person. It’s really broadened my network and approach to PR.

2. Blogger relations = good media relations. If you’re an ethical PR practitioner, the principles are identical: read the publication/blog to get to know what it covers; if you have a story you think a journalist/blogger may like, send a note, politely identify yourself and ask if they want to receive information. If yes, send info. If no, move on. Repeat.

3. Twitter/micro-blogging has untapped potential – I think that very soon someone will figure out an amazing way to harness it. Right now it’s still like the ‘bubbling crude’ Jed Clampett ended up hitting when he was looking for some food.

4. The online learning curve is endless, which is both exciting and daunting. Just when I think I’m up to speed, a new blog, app, device, technique, etc. comes along. And I want to find out about it, see how it fits and whether it’s worth using. I do like the fact that my mind is constantly being opened to fresh, inspiring possibilities. Hey, there are some duds out here, too, but overall it feels like I’m on a quest.

5. Because of all the developments, the blogosphere is a bit of an entropic mess. It’s important to make choices – you can’t do/see/try everything – and to mix the passion you have for this world with a dose of reality. In other words, don’t just do it because it’s cool, ask yourself if and where it fits with your communications strategy.

I’d like to pass this along to any listeners of Inside PR to add their thoughts. But I’m also going to tag Joel Postman, David Mullen and Tamera Kremer. Over to you.


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