Social media redefines PR borders

It doesn’t usually happen with MSM. I’m talking about Canadian PR outreach to Canadian editors being picked up in publications beyond our borders.

But with social media and blogger outreach, traditional country mandates are starting to be blurred?

What’s a PR agency to do?

If you’re interested, have a look at an article I wrote for the International Public Relations Association’s Frontline newsletter.

I’d welcome your comments or thoughts.


2 thoughts on “Social media redefines PR borders

  1. That’s a fabulous piece Martin! I read that and thought that sounds familiar… I’ve been talking about much the same stuff myself! Dealing with ‘subsidiary PR’ as global communication became mainstream was one thing, but factoring in Social Media and then the client agency relationship model on top of that… well, you can’t say that we don’t have our challenges! And that’s not even getting into the entire ‘measurement’ thing. Clicks and views are one thing, but how can we be accountable to our clients if there is no verified info for blogs re: readership numbers and demographics.

  2. Thanks for the comment. And you’re so right about measurement. How do we ‘count’ a hit in Canada, when the consumer is halfway across the world and has never set foot in the country?That’s one of the most exciting things about the social media landscape – so many staples are being redefined.

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