Becoming ‘Bold’

Not too long ago, I mentioned I was going to upgrade to a Blackberry Bold and I did get one. (Hey, iPhones may be super cool, but that’s just never been me.)

After a bit of back and forth trying to find one in a store, I asked to have it shipped. It arrived the next day in a premium black box, which served to heighten my excitement. Inside, I found a device that was sleeker and lighter than I expected, with a faux leather back that made it seem almost high end.

Unfortunately, it took a couple of calls to Rogers to get it up and running properly, but that’s par for the course – like lining up for toilet paper in the old USSR.

Here’s what I like about the Bold:

  • It looks and feels modern – like when Cadillac changes its design. I know that’s superficial… but sue me.
  • It’s faster – especially when surfing the internet. And the graphic interface is similar to a regular browser.
  • The resolution is sharper.
  • The sound is clearer – I don’t need to keep my phone volume pumped up when I’m using it in a taxi or outside.
  • I also like the additional functions – camera, video record and playback capability, default alarm music (I know I can change it if I want) and the fact that there’s an image of an analog watch when it’s being charged. A touch of nostalgia, almost.
  • Though it took me a couple of days to get used to the functions, I’m enjoying the track ball in the middle better than the rotary side control.

Here’s what I’m not crazy about:

  • The battery and phone heat up more quickly, say if I’m on it for more than five minutes.
  • It takes a long, long time to sync to my Outlook – I may be doing something wrong, but this is how tech support told me to set it up.
  • It’s got an MP3 player, but I doubt I’ll use it much. It feels like a business device, not something I’d find myself bopping away to as I work the treadmill at the gym.

So what’s the verdict? If I believed in thumbs up, I’d give it a couple.

I am glad I switched. And, if you have the time and are due for an upgrade. It’s worth the call centre wait.


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