Of Youtube and corporate blogs

In a couple of recent entries, Joel Postman offers communicators a strategic perspective on two social media fronts:

1. He analyses the types of posts you most often find on business/marketing blogs and then breaks them into useful categories. I was struck by the fact that so many of my own posts fit into his model and that he was able to group them so succinctly. This one falls into the ‘TOH’ or ‘Tip-of the-Hat’ type (and you’ll notice I am trying to add a bit of value, as Joel suggests). I also realized I do my share of ‘Trivial’ posts, but hey, I like writing (and reading) quirky personal observations. To me, it humanizes a business.

2. How many times have you heard someone say, just upload a video on Youtube and people will flock to it? Sure, it’s a great distribution channel, but before you blindly jump on the bandwagon, you need to ask some tough questions and especially: is this the best place to be to deliver my message? I think that’s a good lesson for anything we do in social media or in PR for that matter. We need to stand back, consider all the options and make an informed choice. It’s too easy to get dazzled by the cool gadgets tech toys.


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