Is blogging hazardous to your health?

The New York Times says it may be. Robert Scoble contends it’s worth the risk.

I think this entire story is a little nuts; a hilarious example of the pedestal we, in the social media scene, are placing on communications 2.0.

I mean, we’re not talking heroin here, or even addiction to cigarettes or alcohol.

Sure, on a personal level the fact that two prominent bloggers died from heart attacks is sad.

But c’mon people, this is hardly an epidemic worthy of front page coverage in the most venerable of dailies. I ask you what job is without stress and deadlines? And who could argue that numerous occupations aren’t far more high-pressure than blogger (e.g. surgeon, police officer, firefighter, waiter, bartender, to name but a few).

The so-called 24/7 stress syndrome some bloggers experience is more likely caused by a manufactured sense of self-importance than anything else.

We may spend too much time here (hey, this is my third post of the day), but, quality of content aside, the blogosphere is hardly a physically toxic pursuit. It’s mostly about reflecting, researching, reading and writing.

If this isn’t proof of a slow news day, I don’t know what is.


One thought on “Is blogging hazardous to your health?

  1. I agree- it’s total BSScrew stress- I’m more inclined to say that blogging is harmful to my wrists!I’ve been working 9 to 5 for a year now but only since I’ve started my blog have my wrists and elbows started to bug me. Time to re-evaluate my mouse pad!

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