I still don’t get…

Twitter. (Does that make me a twit?)

I’ve read about it. Registered. Checked out the site. Tried to follow a few people. Got frustrated. Read a bit more. Looked for enlightenment in Robert Scoble’s recent post.

And yet it still seems a bit banal. I don’t need that much information fed to me in baby-sized increments at all times of the day.

Now, I’m not saying I need a novel’s worth of prose (or even a short story). And I’m all for brevity being the soul of wit.

But, I respectfully submit, where’s the wit in twit? (Pardon the rhyme.)

I hear many people raving about Twitter; people I know and respect. Perhaps I’m being old fashioned. Maybe it’s a case of missing the birds for the tweets.

But could someone please explain to me what’s so good about Twitter, what I’m missing and why I should give up something else so I can start paying attention to tweets?

Listen: I like one-liners as much as the next guy (maybe more), but I just don’t see the big deal about these.


3 thoughts on “I still don’t get…

  1. it seems that you’ve given it a fair try and you just don’t like it. that’s okay…you don’t have to like everything that is out there.I’ll confess – i don’t like podcasts. i gave them a try but it’s just not for me. maybe it’s because I have trouble just listening (i’m really more of a visual learner).so twitter isn’t for you. maybe you should start a facebook group about it. I bet you would find that you are not alone.z

  2. I am a fan of Twitter. It took me awhile ( a few months to really get it)…but this is what I love:- Access to more great social media and marketing info- Links to great articles and well thought out posts- A chance to actually talk/interact with the bloggers that I read- If I ask a question I usually get an answer within seconds or minutes from knowledgeable people! – I really get to know some of my friends through their tweetsWhy don’t you post a link to this post to your Twitter followers and see what it is they like about Twitter?

  3. Thanks to both of you for your ideas and thoughts. While I may be on the edge, I’m not ready to completely give up on Twitter, yet. So I’ll probably sip the the Kool-aid a few more times and see if its taste starts to appeal to me.

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