Don’t look a gift blog…

… in the word-of-mouth…

What I mean to say (if you’ve recovered from that pun) is that blogging is hard work: write; edit; publish; repeat ad infinitum.

Sure, it’s fun and rewarding but there’s no mistaking the commitment. And every once in a while, the task of coming up with yet another post feels a bit daunting. (At least it does to me.)

But sometimes, we get lucky and are handed a gift blog.

‘So what’s a gift blog?’ you may ask.

A gift blog is a short, pithy post that pretty much writes itself. Maybe it’s a pointer to another blog that tickled your fancy, an interesting link or two, a reprise of an older entry, a plug for something you’re doing.

Gift blogs are also an easy way to drive traffic to your site when you’re in desperate need of a new post.

My advice is not to get too reliant on them (though some bloggers do).

Then, when one comes your way, you can treat it as a welcome respite and enjoy it… and the bonus gift of time.


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