Start the presses

Say you’re a print media junkie, interested in seeing front page news from… Duluth, Minnesota, Winnipeg, Manitoba (yes, my hometown), Omaha, Nebraska or any of over 600 other international newspapers. You could go to the library, but chances are anything from outside your city wouldn’t be from today. You could do a Google search, but then you’d probably end up at a website that doesn’t come close to replicating the look and feel of a daily.

Well, now you can check out Newseum, an ‘interactive museum of news’. It’s a showcase of ‘front’ as opposed to ‘home’ pages.

The ‘papers’ are kept for 24 hours, till the next edition is published, so the links change every day. Not every outlet’s represented, but in general there’s a good, if a bit odd, assortment of titles. There’s also an archived section that highlights world coverage of recent major events.

I especially like the fact that you get to see a global snapshot of the day’s news and all the local stories and slants. Talk about a glimpse into communities.

Thanks to Judy G for pointing it out.


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