Blogger’s guilt

Yes, I’ve been feeling it all month, as day after day breezed by and I didn’t post a single entry (till now).

So I figured it’s time to come clean and say that I’m happily shedding that guilt (which, by the way, is a pretty self-serving emotion in the first place).

December has become my unplanned blog vacation. Maybe it’s the start of a tradition (check back with me next year).

The truth is I’ve been having too much fun enjoying the oft-hectic festivities of the season, spending time with family, friends and colleagues, decking the malls…

Last week, my wife and I had dinner with old friends who have been living in Toronto since they graduated from university some 30-odd years ago. They’re packing it in (work, house, everything) to head back home, renovate a rustic barn and start to live a real ‘second life’.

They said it’s been a dream of theirs for quite a while and now they’re making it happen. I say, we should all be so fortunate.

So that’s what I want to wish you, this Christmas*, a peaceful world where we can all can live out our dreams**.

*It really bugs me that political correctness makes us replace Christmas with the blandly generic ‘Happy Holiday’. Religious or not, Christmas is its name. I may be Jewish but I still dream of a White Christmas… Besides it’s part of our cultural fabric and a day celebrated by the majority of Canadians. We wouldn’t drop the Canada from Canada Day, Victoria from Victoria Day or Jerry Lewis from Labour Day, would we? I say, Merry Christmas to all…

**Hopefully, those dreams don’t include blowing people to smithereens for the comment above (or any dissenting point of view).


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