Time for a bloggervention

And I don’t mean blog-convention. Because what came out of the most recent one – the idea of a blogger’s union – is first of all hilarious as a joke but sheer idiocy as a concept.

In case you hadn’t heard, it’s buzzing around the blogosphere and even MSM like AP and the Toronto Star wrote about it.

But would you (or I) have come up with this sort of ill-conceived and utterly ridiculous notion? Ask yourself these questions and see.

– Have you gone a bit too crazy in your quest for Google juice? Are you Googling (with) yourself a little too often? (Hint: you know a few too many nuggets about the people who bear the same moniker as you.)

– Are you involved in too much idle linking and not enough real-life connections?

– When someone says community centre, do you immediately think Facebook?

– Are you posting your thoughts left, right and centre (but mostly left)?

– Is your life online all high-speed with virtually no (or is it no virtual) speed bumps?

– Can you imagine yourself handing out leaflets on some seedy corner in Second Life, trying to bring down the man?

– Are you spending too many hours in front of a computer, with lots of open windows but no fresh air coming in?

If you’ve answered yes to more than two of the above, you may be a candidate for a bloggervention.

And hopefully you have a few close friends who can lure you in a room with no Wi-Fi and shake some sense into you…soon.

With thanks to my colleague MR.


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