No ‘blue shirt group’ for me

I like blue shirts. I like them a lot.

In fact, I have a closet full of them in many hues, tones and subsets. Some are plain, some are striped and the striped ones are further subdivided into vertical/horizontal and thin/medium/wide.

And so on.

Often, when I’m in a store and see a bunch of blue shirts on display I think I could be wearing one of them.

Sometimes I am.

Knowing this, you might easily conclude that I’m an ideal candidate for a ‘blue shirt group’. I’m involved, informed, passionate even.

Except I think a blue shirt group is a dumb idea and not something I’d ever want to join. (I did a search on Facebook and it doesn’t exist though a ‘black shirt blue jeans’ group does.) My affinity for blue shirts is personal (sartorial) and not part of a larger plan.

This brings me to the multitude of groups in so-called online communities that are sprouting up like broadleaf (broadband?) weeds.

Sure, sometimes they’re a funny idea, an in-joke among friends. I get that. But I wonder if we’ve become so insecure that we seek outside validation for even the most mundane details of our lives? Do we need an ersatz community for our every whim and fancy?

I’m not saying we shouldn’t share our ideas and points of view. On the contrary. Conversation, interacting with people you often don’t know, is one of the best things about social media. But before you add to the pollution, consider whether the world needs any more granfaloons.

As for me, it’s almost time fill in my fall/winter supply of blue shirts. But that’s between me and my appointed retailer, thank you very much.


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