Facing up to Facebook

Quick confession: I’m not on Facebook (yet) because I think I would probably become addicted and spend way too much time on the site. I’m fascinated by it though.


From what I’ve seen and read about the service, it’s an amazing way to find and connect with people, to keep in touch.

And I think I understand the site’s appeal. Facebook links past with present: it brings nostalgia to life.


2 thoughts on “Facing up to Facebook

  1. Facebook is quickly overtaking LinkedIn’s position as the premiere service for professional and career networking. I just had all the professional staff at our agency sign up. I had never seen Facebook before. I feel a bit odd using it as a business networking tool, when just six months ago it was thought of as a “tool” used by college kids to hook up.

  2. Facebook has active PR Communities from Toronto’s Public Relations for Tomorrow, The Offical Facebook Public Relations Group, PR Practitioners Do It CP Style to a group called Strumpettes, a group preaching honesty in the public relations profession. For the most part it’s a great way to get a quick pulse on what other PR people are thinking and exchange ideas. Bill

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