Five things that bug me about the blogosphere (today)

I’m starting to get frustrated with certain aspects of the blogging world. So here are five things that really bug me:

  1. There are too many middle aged guys (and I do mean guys) trying to be cool kids. Sure be open, that’s a wonderful attribute. But for goodness sake, be yourself. Accept who you are. As the song said, “You’re not a kid anymore…” Disclosure: I fall into this category.
  2. Sometimes it feels like it’s more socialist out here than social. What I mean is there’s too much ‘power to the people’ retro-hippie-esque empowerment. I have yet to read the words ‘right on’, but it feels like they’re lurking below so many entries (like, hey man, we have a voice). And in that same socialist vent, there’s way too much sharing of junky stuff. Or, to put it another way, your links may not be that delicious.
  3. Can we have a bit less talk and a bit more listening? And as I said before, throw in a bit of editing, too.
  4. The blogosphere is not only too clicky (as in self-referential links), it’s also too cliquey (as in self-referential links). Again, it goes back to my cool kids point, too much emphasis on the in-crowd (personally, I’d rather have in-jokes).
  5. Twitter seems dumb.

Anything to add?


3 thoughts on “Five things that bug me about the blogosphere (today)

  1. MartinTotally agree with most of this very smart rant. The blogosphere, by and large, is very conformist, and very homogenous. But I don’t think the blogosphere is socialist. Lots of bloggers might like to believe that they are left-leaning. But in the final analysis, this is a very conservative/libertarian/Ayn Rand-reading crowd. Witness the recent Tim O’Reilly kerfuffle — no one wants to be organized and told what to do.If we had to pick a 60’s theme song for the blogosphere, it would not be from the lefty Grateful Dead songbook. It would be from the hard-scrabble Rolling Stones: “Get Off of My Cloud.”

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