Back from vacation. Still cold (with snow) in Toronto even though tomorrow is technically spring.

I’ve been writing this blog since January and I wanna tell ya (as a Catskill’s comic might segue), there’s gonna be a few changes ‘round here.

First off, you’ll notice a slightly altered name (I’m adding ‘PR’) and a new subtitle. Why? I’m listening to advice from Robert Scoble and Shel Israel’s Naked Conversations Chapter 11, page 171 ‘Tip #1: Search engine results’.

I want ‘em.

I’m an optimist who’s hoping to become an optimizer.

Also (from reading the book), the blog is going to become a little more focused (hence the subtitle) but hopefully somewhat looser too: less columnistic and more just plain me.

If you haven’t read Naked Conversations and are interested in blogging, I’d suggest you pick up a copy. It’s an invaluable reference, both eye opening and slightly maddening. I loved reading about all the inter-connections and linky-ness (Tip #9), but wasn’t as crazy about the vigilante-esque aspects of citizens on a rampage. That reminded me of the group with the ice cream truck and flyers chasing after Griffin Dunne’s character in Martin Scorcese’s After Hours. Funny to watch. Not so funny if you’re the one being cornered and they won’t let you tell your side of the story.

I’m keeping to my 500 word maximum.

Adding more blogs.

The signature sign-off is gone.


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